Starting an Online Business – How to Start Making Your Own Websites

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Feb 12

The biggest myth about making money on-line for a newcomer – is how to get started. One of the problems newcomers face when trying to start an on-line business, is the vast amount of information out there and not knowing from where to start. In order words what exactly to do to first. This decision is not made any easier, by all those adverts on the net claiming to make the newcomer thousands of dollars in a few hours.

Mastering new skills is very important in starting your on-line business. No matter the type of business, you want to engage in, you will have to learn and master new skills. Imagine, you are a trained teacher and worked as one all your life and on retiring, want to go into the bar business. To be successful, you have to master new skills. The same goes for internet marketing, you have to learn how to build and manage your own website.

OK fine, but how do I start? There is simply way too much information out there and one could spend a lifetime learning and perpetually being in a state of 'about-to-start'. If you find yourself in this situation, the following is the first thing you need to do.

Acknowledge that it is going to take time. I suggest giving yourself at least 6 months, this is after all a business you are creating. Would you expect to be in profit immediately if you were creating an off-line business? Why should an on-line be any different? Sure, you can make money quicker once you know the basics, but these basics take you a few months to get confident with.

This business starts by learning the basics of how to create your own website. Now, if this thought terrifies you, please do not worry, you are by no means alone. Every newcomer (myself included) at one point or another was terrified of the idea of ​​creating a website, but believe me you can create a website within a few hours. You already have on your computer the basic tools you would need to start building a website, which are a basic text editor (notepad) and an internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox). Next, download a free eBook from the net that deals with building a website (many are available on the net) and work through it slowly and methodically. This process will help you get started online in less than an hour.

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